Coinpot and associated faucet sites.

Okay, so you are eager to start earning some coins!

In this tutorial we will use what’s known as a microwallet. This is a website that stores your cryptocurrencies until you are ready to transfer them out into another wallet, either a website like Coinbase or a personal wallet of some description. 

But first things first, you’ll need to open a Coinpot account (the microwallet site we'll be using). You must open a Coinpot account first, or the crypto coins you collect will disappear into thin air, and you don't want that!

I would recommend using an email address that you don’t use much, or setting up a new one specifically for the purpose of collecting crypto, although this is not essential.<

Go to and click Register. You will see the registration page.

Input your email address and create a password for your Coinpot account, then tick the “I’m not a robot” box and the terms of service box (after reading the ToS of course!). Then click register.

You will then receive a confirmation email (which can take a few minutes to come through sometimes), open the email and click on the confirmation link, this will activate your Coinpot account.

You can now login to Coinpot where you will see your Coinpot dashboard.

You now have a place to receive your coins! Yay!

By the way, you'll see two types of Bitcoin on your dashboard, Bitcoin core, which is usually just called Bitcoin, and Bitcoin cash, which is a different crypto currency.

The next step is to sign up to some websites that pay directly into your Coinpot account. These sites are known as “coin faucets”, and they give away small amounts of various cryptocurrencies. 

They generate these coins through advertising revenue. This does mean that you will need to turn off any ad/popup blocking software and/or tell your browser to allow ads/popups on these sites or they will not work.

If you cannot get one or more of them to work, there is likely an ad blocker at work, and you'll need to turn it off for that site. Ads are how they generate their revenue in order to give you crypto.


This is because they send the coins to your Coinpot email address, if you use a different email, you will not receive any coins. These coin faucets mostly only need your email address and no password,which is rather convenient.

Here we have 5 different sites (although they look similar) that all start with the word Moon (I call them the "Moon sites"), they are a really good resource and you can collect a lot of free coins with them. To maximise your profit, you’ll want to sign up to all of the following sites:-

You can collect from the Moon sites every 5 minutes if you like, but can leave it longer. The longer you leave them, the slower your total builds up though. Plus, every time you collect coins, you get 3 Coinpot tokens, which are very useful, so to maximise your earnings, you would ideally be collecting every several minutes if possible.

There are a couple more sites that also offer good rewards and pay directly to your coinpot account.

This one is pretty basic from what I've seen, but you can claim 1 or 2 satoshi's within a minute or two each time, which then gives you 3 Coinpot tokens on each claim. Or let it build up, but again the speed it builds up gets slower as the total gets higher (to a maximum of about 25).

This is quite a good one. You can claim every 15 minutes, and you can select whether to receive a random amount of bitcoin or an average amount by clicking “Change your claim settings” just under the “Claim now!” button, I chose average as it is a fixed amount and is usually twice as much as the average amount. It also gives 3 Coinpot tokens into your Coinpot account on each claim. You can also do surveys and play games ect. to boost your Coinpot earnings by a much greater amount.

So what are you waiting for, get earning some Crypto coins!

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